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Jan 4th '13

My brother and I are 14 months apart, and 21 years later he is still my closest friend. We have a younger brother who was 7 years younger than us... lol, we didnt like him much, (everyone else did) but we had eachother :)
I wanted to try for another when my LO is 10 months.... so they will be about 1.5 years apart. But we decided to try when LO is 13 months... just for the sake of the new baby being born in august, same as DHs birthday. lol. But they will be close in age never the less.
I was a nanny and I had a 4 year old, when his little sister was born he said he did not like her. His mom would stay at home with the new baby and hired me 14 hours to be with, play with, and occupy so she wouldnt be bothered :( poor guy.