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Jan 3rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting MommyToWesley:</b>" It's pretty easy to tell the different between a messy house because of multiple kids, and a filthy, unhealthy living environment."</blockquote>

I didn't think about it like that.

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Jan 3rd '13
Quoting lolajessup:" If they have nothing to hide it shouldn't matter. No they should not inform them. They don't inform here."


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Jan 3rd '13

No, absolutely not. Especially when a warnning gives the parents a chance to warn their kids to keep their mouths shut about certain things...
Here it doesn't seem to matter really if your house is disgustingly dirty anyway. CPS was called to a family member's a few times because their house was so nasty and their kids always had lice really bad.( I think the kids' school called) That house was disgusting and they had a poor little baby that had to crawl through all the trash on the floor. But they usually made him stay in his play pen ALL the time and it was covered in old spit up and vomit. Anyway, every time cps went they said there was nothing they could do because "as long as the kids have a bed in a bedroom that they can sleep in and toys to play with" then there isn't a problem.At least not one big enough for them to deal with, I guess.