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Jan 3rd '13

Backstory, my husband and I split up last Friday. We are having some issues and he's a little sore right now. He says he needs a minute to clear his head and whatever. I respect that. He let me stay in the house because of the kids I will have them most of the time (he works.)

Anywho, last night I texted him at 1AM asking him about something my sister said and he was like " Well I have to stay up anyway i'm coming over to talk"
I said ok, he gets here and at first we're talking and he's being serious, kinda angry/ annoyed tone the whole time. Then out of the blue he kinda soften ups and starts talking about random shit. Endo story, we ended up having some awesome sex. But, now I feel like shit about it lol. Like,what if he ends up not coming back ever. I FEEL.. Used? Sorta but not really I don't know.
Someone tell me it'll be ok :cry:

Shibby. 2 kids; Mississippi 8169 posts
Jan 3rd '13
Quoting Efflorescence:" It will be okay. I don't know your story but as an outsider it seems things aren't finished between you two"

I hope not, I mean.. It wasn't like.. Cold, distant sex. It was pretty intimate. So I took that as a good sign, I just hope i'm not reading it the wrong way.