Cleaning house AJRex TTC since Nov 2015; 2 kids; Over There, KY, United States 12441 posts
Jan 3rd '13

Is there a certain way you clean house?
Like do you always do rooms in order?
I need to clean the house so bad, but I'm so sick (have been for almost a month) and DS is sick, too. So we've been cuddling all morning.
Soooooooooo I'm trying to figure out an "easier" way to clean. :) I know, no such thing exists.

I usually do living room first, then the kitchen and then I do the bathroom. The bedrooms are usually left until the weekend.
Do you throw laundry in while you're doing the rest of the house or save that for last? I usually do it while I'm cleaning.
Then at the end I'll vacuum the living room and steam mop the kitchen/laundry room/bathroom.

I need some motivation...this house is a disaster. :x

JoAnna &hearts's Jett 2 kids; Midlothian, TX, United States 7992 posts
Jan 3rd '13

I usually start with the kitchen, then the laundry room, then the bedrooms, closets. Then I do the living room and last I do the bathrooms and mop the floors and living room. Then I vacuum. I clean every single day though so its just a routine for me. I do laundry while I'm doing all of this too.

Queen Aries Baby 1 child; Orlando, Florida 12052 posts
Jan 3rd '13

i work the rooms then bathroom and hall. living room and dinning room and kitchen last. mop all at once and do laundry one load at a time one a day if need be i hate laudry thou

The Dandelion Rapist 18 kids; New Mexico 6885 posts
Jan 3rd '13

I do laundry as I clean.

I start in my bathroom (When I am done taking a shower), and then do my bedroom.

Once done, I take care of the kitchen, then the living room.

I always do the guest bathroom last.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
Jan 3rd '13

I do all my cleaning between 10pm and 3am. lol like my floors walls tubs etc.....
I wait till the kids are in bed.
But I have ADHD lol I clean all the rooms at once in no exact order, except doing all my floor and wall washing at night.

I do laundry in the low cost times, which is 6pm to 6am here mon-fri then anytime on sat and sunday.

Amy {OneGirl, TwoBoys} 3 kids; Cincinnati, Oh, United States 24257 posts
Jan 3rd '13

i clean in order of how the rooms are when you walk in. living room, dining, kitchen, bathroom, kids rooms.

i save stuff like vacuum & mopping until last, i just vacuum the entire first floor at the same time. its easier on me. i do laundry in between, yes, its the only way it'll get done lol. once the first floor is done, i do upstairs which is a giant loft area so its our office area and bedroom

Clk 2 kids; Dexter, Michigan 12438 posts
Jan 3rd '13

I usually just clean as we make messes. Like we get our oldest to clean up her puzzle before she gets a book to read or I wash pans after cooking and put dishes in dishwasher after we eat. As for bathroom it's right next to our bedroom so that is usually done first. Usually clean, then vacuum floors. For laundry I do cloth diaper laundry every two days, and clothes in-between that. I do laundry in-between taking care of kids.

AJRex TTC since Nov 2015; 2 kids; Over There, KY, United States 12441 posts
Jan 3rd '13

My house is usually never this messy. I usually clean every day, but since I've been sick, I haven't hardly done ANYTHING.
I tried to start cleaning earlier and got dizzy and short of breath. :roll:

I need someone to come and clean for me. lol

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
Jan 3rd '13

I usually clean each room once a week, and straighten them up as needed. I start with the living room first since thats the first thing people see when they come in my house. Then ill get the guest bathroom since thats most likely going to be used if i have guests ovef. After that ill get the kitchen. My DD straightens her own room. Then i get our bedroom /bathroom in whatever order i feel like. Our back room is in the process of being remodeled so theres not much cleaning i can do to it. I always have laundry going while doing other things so itll be dried and ready to put away by the time im done.