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Jan 3rd '13
Quoting rachel marie♥:" <blockquote><b>Quoting iLL-Legal Alien:</b>" Ah, there it is. It had to be something ... [snip!] ... was seeing someone else.... ughhhhh why do people go snooping when they know they could be disappointed as to what they find."

IMO, her using him and her seeing someone else are not that far apart. She could have been using him while she was already interested in someone else. Bottom line, is that he is with you now. When DH and I were first married, I also made the mistake of snooping, and I found several emails from DH to his EX, they were all unanswered but the desperation and the feelings on them were concerning to me, they had been sent shortly after DH joined the Marines and eventually they had stopped but it was still unsettling. It still raised doubt and made me wonder if he was truly over her. She was his first "serious" relationship, even though they were always on and off, they had been together for years. She was a total b***h to him and had been a psycho throughout their relationship (his family's words) and even with her behavior he loved her and was willing to take her back even after she left with someone else. So of course I was scared he truly wasn't over. But I got over it. We have been married for 4 years, we have 3 kids and he has been nothing but an awesome dad and amazing husband to me. He has more than proved he is mine, and all mine.