So when do they start checking for dilation? Youlanda Douros 17 kids; Rolla, Missouri 73 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Hi I'm 34 weeks and was just wondering when they start checking for dilation? Or do different doctors do it at different times? I'm a first time mom so don't really know alot about what they do and when lol. Thanks. :-)

Snickles 4 kids; California 3086 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Different docs do it different times, but both my docs started checking at 35 weeks.

K. P. Walsh Due August 5 (girl); Japan 1385 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Well my DR checked my cervix at around 34 weeks because I went into early labor at 29 weeks.
BUT, usually I think 37 or 38 weeks. I've heard of some Dr's not checking at all?

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
Jan 2nd '13

There is no reason to do it until you are in labor. It introduces potentially dangerous bacteria and can be painful and is not and indication of when you will go into labor or what kid of labor you will have. My doctor doesn't check until you are in la or unless there is a conern.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Depends on your doctor. Some start 35/36 weeks some not until 38/39 and some dont until you are in labor.

Lacey.Rose 33 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 869 posts
Jan 2nd '13

I'm 38 weeks and my doctor won't check till I go into labour.

Mutha. TTC since Jan 1995; 3830 posts
Jan 2nd '13

My doctor won't check until you're in labor.

Williams and Owen's Mommy 2 kids; Augusta, Georgia 193 posts
Jan 2nd '13

my dr. checked me at 35 weeks but he was doing my group b strep test at the same time...i don't think he will check me again since i am having a repeat csection on the 16th

Youlanda Douros 17 kids; Rolla, Missouri 73 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Thank you. :)

Roe23 2 kids; Ottawa, Ontario 4199 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Some doctors start checking at all sorts of weeks (usually after 35 weeks, some don't start until 40 weeks). Others don't check at all.

IMO, it is completely pointless and sets the women up for all sorts of disappointment. We see on here all the time women complaining that they were 3 cm dilated at 37 weeks and their doctors told them labour should start in the next few days, and then they go past their due dates.

Other women are checked to be not dilated at all, are disappointed in their bodies, think they are broken and will never go into labour. Some go into labour later that night, others are talked into an induction that they didn't want.

I do see the point in checking a woman's cervix if labour is suspected or if they are trying to decide on what type of induction to use. But routinely seems silly to me.

Plus, membranes are sometimes swept without consent during cervical checks :(.

Tegan/Race/Lynox/Essyx mo Due April 18; Oklahoma 88 posts
Jan 2nd '13

Mine started at like 37 wks usually but I had some bright red spotting at 34 wks so he cked then and I was a 1 1/2 so it really depends on the dr

LoveMyBubbaBoy Due October 4; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 3214 posts
Jan 2nd '13

When my ob did the strep b swab he asked if I wanted to be checked. That was 36 weeks.

Moi H* 2 kids; Columbia, SC, United States 2236 posts
Jan 2nd '13

My doctor usually doesn't check until week 37. I've been getting checked since week 30 because of preterm labor and I'm high risk.

I declined being checked this time though, since there hasn't been any changes since then. I'll get checked again next week when they do the GBS.

Anastasia ,Alice & Nichol 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Tampa, Florida 365 posts
Jan 2nd '13

my doctor starts at 36 weeks when they do the group b test

expecting_momma_2012 Due January 29 (girl); Waller, Texas 27 posts
Jan 2nd '13

i am currently 36 weeks now and just got my group b test done today they didn't check and said there was no need to and told me the plan of action when i go into labor... which i was perfectly fine with since it can cause infection...a part of me wanted to know simply just to know what my body is doing even though just because your dilated it doesn't really mean anything.. but yeah