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    • Sadie -- Votes: 19
    • Isla -- Votes: 30
    • Grier -- Votes: 4
    • Ada -- Votes: 10
user banned 1 child; Jamaica, OH, United States 7126 posts
Jan 3rd '13

I chose Ada. Sadie was my dogs name so I can't imagine it on a person.
Ada was on my list, but my brother made fun of it, a lot, so I dropped it quick.

JavadL Due July 31; China 165 posts
Jan 3rd '13
Quoting TracyLynne!:" None really.. =/ Sadie reminds me of a golden retriever or Collie... Idk why but Brianne sounds good to me."

Ha. My golden retriever growing up was named Sadie.

I like Isla the best from this list, by a long shot. It's unique, has a cool sound to it, I even like the spelling. Yet it's a name that's been around for a really long time.