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Dec 31st '12

So I've posted before but me and my bf at TTC, what I'm experiencing is something I've never been through before the past few months my periods gave been weird according to my calendar my last period was a few days late, it started off very light and had a regular flow for a day or two then went to almost nothing but I've been experiencing a lot of symptoms that are weird a week before my period I was nautios for four days and throwing up,I don't have the flu been queasy a lot lately, headaches and stuffy nose, the most tell tale sign I though o was prego was my b**bs got big real quick and with stretch marks and my nipples are bigger,they didn't go down after ad left like usual and I recently started dieting and I am gaining weight no matter what I do and my hips and stuff hurt bad and one thing I am going through is I just got off aunt flo but I feel like its coming back after 5 days, I'm just worried might be an ectopic or if Ttc has me all out of wack