Wanted: #2 Due August 26 (boy); 33 kids; Illinois 4726 posts
Dec 31st '12

I am in the same boat! Pretty sure I am misscarrying.
I have been there before. How many days were in between your two tests?

Michelle Ann 2 kids; Veradale, Washington 418 posts
Dec 31st '12

A week.

The nurse told me I'm probably fine. I just hate having to wait a whole friggin month to see my baby fir the first time. It's making me so anxious.

Chelsea Sumner Due September 19; 1 child; London, United Kingdom 1 posts
Feb 19th '13

Hiya peeps, i found out i was pregnant like almost two months ago and the tests i done were strong, im 10 weeks almost and took a test last night to put in scrap book and the line is so so faint you can barely see it, I am soo worried my midwife just said everythings fine etc. :/