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Dec 31st '12


MommaNoodle 2 kids; Pennsylvania 13115 posts
Dec 31st '12

you should happily f**k off. sounds like a shitty situation. sorry you're going through this.

Emma Mayo Due February 25 (boy); 18 kids; Manchester, United Kingdom 321 posts
Dec 31st '12

get rid!!! go find yourself a real man.... god knows why u put up with it. x

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
Dec 31st '12

Just from what you have said it sounds like he doesn't want a family. I'd leave

Tash+1 1 child; Canton, Ohio 7839 posts
Dec 31st '12

Holy f**k. You should leave asap. He needs a reality check and to grow the f**k up, he has a baby FFS!

*beck-i* {JAS08} Due January 8; 3 kids; Prattsburgh, New York 4812 posts
Dec 31st '12

I would get out I have been in that situation and it is no fun at all... good luck

✩ Silver 100265 posts
Dec 31st '12

I would walk out asap. No one needs to deal with all that and you definitely deserve better.

NerfHerder 2 kids; Denver, CO, United States 6255 posts
Dec 31st '12
Quoting MommaNoodle:" you should happily f**k off. sounds like a shitty situation. sorry you're going through this. "


✰ Boo ✰ 2 kids; Texas 2670 posts
Dec 31st '12

Sounds like he doesn't want a relationship or family & at this point is only using you for the extra money which might be why he keeps talking you into staying?

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20306 posts
Dec 31st '12

If he really wanted you to stay, he wouldn't treat you like that.

You are ultimately responsible for your happiness, don't put up with that, mamma!

skwey 4 kids; Spokane, Washington 2207 posts
Dec 31st '12

I went through the same thing. It took a lot of time for me to realize that me and my children were better off without him. I moved us out while he was at work (because I tried to leave the night before and got beat up and he took my phone) and we lived with my mom for a while so I could finish my senior year in high school. Now we are happier than ever and have more money. You have to decide, what's more important, his happiness or you and your childs'?

The Dandelion Rapist 18 kids; New Mexico 6885 posts
Dec 31st '12

I think you would have a brighter future without someone who brings you down all the time.

Kelly+Brandon=Blake 1 child; Maryland 1260 posts
Dec 31st '12

I'm sorry but it does seem like he's using you. You should leave him because if you've already expressed your concerns and he hasn't had any progress than he's going to keep thinking he can get away with it and you won't leave him. Maybe if you leave him and show him that you won't tolerate his shit anymore then he might change but you will never find out, you will never be happy, if you don't put your foot down and take charge. You control your happiness, you're letting him take that from you. You and your child(ren) deserve a better life. Be strong mama, we're here for you! *hugs* keep posted :)

My Girls♥ 2 kids; Virginia 660 posts
Dec 31st '12

I just left that exact same situation. Its hard, but I deserve to be happy too. Now he claims that hes going to keep fighting until he gets me back but he better have a hell of a fight in him for that to happen. Eventually you have to start living life for you and your child. If you are essentially alone anyway what is the point? PM me if youd like. Our situations are damn near identical.

user banned United Kingdom 1629 posts
Jan 1st '13

Thanks ladies.. I'm taking the baby to my mother's for a few days, maybe a week. See how I feel at the end of it.