*AnitaMarlene* Due January 12 (girl); Lakeville, Massachusetts 148 posts
Dec 30th '12
Quoting BubbleLush:" Okay I am sure she understands that, do not get the point they do scheduled C-sections have for years ... [snip!] ... wrong with them good luck OP and I am sure it is normal to feem worried or unprepared C-section or not hope all goes well"

Thanks!!! I feel fine about the surgery. I just can't believe I will have my little girl. I have never even been around children before lol.

Kristenelizabeth55 1 child; Ferndale, Michigan 212 posts
Dec 30th '12

Everything will be ok. I am in recovery from having a C-section myself and honestly the surgery wasn't bad at all! The recovery is super hard, but it is for vaginal as well. I wish you the best and I hope everything goes smoothly!

M+1 & twin angels <3 1 child; Ballarat, Australia 1583 posts
Dec 30th '12

you would have had the same due date as me! op, your dr let you choose to have a c-section? :/