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Dec 30th '12

My on again off again SO can be such an a*****e!!!

I'm down visiting family and because of some shit that happened he was like oh I can't come.
Okay fair enough, so I adjust I him NOT coming.
Then he's like.. Well there is still a possibility.
Then it becomes a strong possibility but he's trying to work out dates.
Then he works out dates.. And I'm not exactly happy but I suck it up.

Then I look up flights and they are ridiculous. Almost 400 for a one way flight. He is self employed and that is a lot of money and hard work. So I'm reasonable and say I really want you to come but I think it's ridic for me to ask you to spend that much on flights so ill just see you in the new year.

He CRACKS it. Says fine, he feels rejected.
Doesn't talk to me for 24 hours and then I'm like "so are you coming" an then now it's not a good idea... And he's switching off his phone and happy new year.

It's like come on.. Are you f**king playing?? Did you ever intend to come r do you just pick a fight to get out of it. I didn't so anything wrong, I was thinking of him.

Everything had been so good and positive ad I was just accepting everything and not putting pressure on either of us.. But he makes it drama drama drama.

I moved 10 hours away to be with this douche and then things fell to shit.

But it always comes back to, I think he loves me because he does do nice stuff. He gave me 500 towards my education and told me he wanted me to stay.

Maybe he's just f**king with me.. I don't know.