Fee Berrie Due January 21; Japan 5 posts
Dec 30th '12

I was 13 weeks + 6 days when i found out :D..

Cindy[+2]♥ TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Kentucky 11307 posts
Dec 30th '12

I found out at 5 weeks 6 days... Had my first ultrasound 6 weeks 4 days.

Mr's&Family* 2 kids; Arizona 3702 posts
Dec 30th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mama Wolf.:</b>" Yeah the office I go to wants me to wait until I'm more so around 8 weeks. I just hate not knowing exactly how far along I am."</blockquote>

A lot of doctors won't see you until you're 8-10 weeks due to viability in the pregnancy. At least that's what I've been told by different doctors. Oh & unless you have a history of being high risk, they'll see you early.

With this one I was seen at 5 weeks because I wasn't exactly sure when my last period was since they have been so irregular so my doctor wanted to see me as soon as possible. He did an ultrasound and I was 5 weeks along.

Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Dec 30th '12

I found out about 8 weeks with my second and went in for my first appointment and U/S the week after. Found out I was 6w6d and not 9w like they said based off my period.

With my first I was about 5 weeks and went to the doctor at 8 weeks. Didn't get an ultrasound until my OB said I was having a threatened abortion and that was 14 weeks and some days. I got to find out the gender then though:)

K[♥ E&C] 2 kids; Nevada 25704 posts
Dec 30th '12

First pregnancy my first appt was at 12 weeks. 2nd pregnancy was at 6 weeks because I was high risk. Found out with both at 20weeks.

Tiffanie Moore 1 child; Crestview, Florida 69 posts
Dec 30th '12

I found out at 4 weeks 2 days and had my first appointment and ultrasound at 6 weeks due to severe cramping and I am now 22 weeks and 3 days :)

Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3628 posts
Dec 30th '12

With all my kids I found out around four weeks . At least with this pregnancy my first appointment was 7 weeks I think. Because I go to a midwife who runs a free standing birth center the only ultrasounds I get are around 20 weeks and those are elective , I have to travel two hours to get those.

Ashlin's Momma 1 child; Lovell, WY, United States 396 posts
Dec 30th '12
Quoting Mama Wolf.:" When did you have your first appointment and how far along were you?"

This is my first. I found out shortly after 3 weeks and they wouldn't see me until I was 12. They did a EDD and sent me on my way. My doctor is strange though because even though I'm 33 weeks she schedules me every 3 weeks now. Everyone I've talked to got bumped up to every 2 weeks when they got to 28 weeks... But then again my doctor will only do two ultrasounds and my last one was at 20 weeks so I won't get to see LO till she's born.. Kinda sucks

expecting_momma_2012 Due January 29 (girl); Waller, Texas 27 posts
Dec 30th '12

first appointment was when my doc confirmed i was preggers and he said i was between 3-4 weeks and my first o.b appointment was about a month and a half later because i didn't have medical yet

katxo 18 kids; Florida 7270 posts
Dec 30th '12
Quoting Mama Wolf.:" With my first I was 6 weeks when I found out and went to the doctor. With this one I'm assuming I'm ... [snip!] ... this one I'm assuming I'm around 5-6 weeks but my appointment isn't until the 8th of January and I just hate the waiting game."

Lucky!!! I know how you feel though. I won't be getting in until the 28th :(

Chelsey Templin Due March 25 (boy); 3 kids; Hamilton, Ohio 10 posts
Dec 30th '12

I was 4 weeks when I found out I was pregnant with all 3 of mine I didnt get into my OB until I was 8 weeks except with this one I got in a lot sooner because I had gotten pregnant after having my tubes tied so I am considered high risk! It sucks waiting but it is well worth it!

Heather ♥ Due November 13; 4 kids; 3 angel babies; Key Largo, FL, United States 2445 posts
Dec 30th '12

2 weeks, 6 days when i found out and i went to my appointment in my 3rd week.

brittanyy [+M] 1 child; H-Town, TX, United States 4086 posts
Dec 30th '12

With number 1 I found out at 6wks and had the first appointment at 9wks.
With my second, I found out at 3wks 4d, and had my first appointment at 10wks.

Mother Wolf 2 kids; California 13526 posts
Dec 31st '12
Quoting :" I had my 1st apt at 12 weeks and they told me your due date is determined by the 1st day of your last period"

Yeah that's how I calculated my EDD.