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greenmamabecky☮ TTC since Jul 2013; 18 kids; Enfield, Connecticut 20987 posts
Dec 29th '12
Quoting Moses.:" LOL I wish I could teach him to tell the other kids to f**k off if they start teasing him. "

This kid at my sons daycare was repeatedly biting him HARD so bad that he was leaving marks and bruises for a week at a time. DH told him to poke him in the eye with his thumb and yell at him "Don't bite me!" the next time he did it.
I was kinda happy he told him that :oops: The teachers weren't doing anything.
Anyway it ended up happening again, this time right under his freaking EYE and my son didn't retaliate anyway. We pulled him out of there and he's in a new one now that's much better.