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Dec 29th '12
Quoting kr.r:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Red Bottom:</b>" Blegh. I cringe every time I hear that someone gets one. "</blockquote> Just cos it could mess up their fertility?"


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Dec 29th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Red Bottom:</b>" Exactly."</blockquote>

Even if that's what they want?

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Dec 29th '12

I had Mirena IUD for over 2 years had same problem.. It finally came out by blood clot.. !! after that long!! I tried several diff kinds of low dose pills, they all gave me awful symptoms.. made me feel bad.. however my period was regular.. I even LOST WEIGHT! I finally came off all of it.. a week and a half ago.. Im starting to feel better physically.. and emotionally Im getting there after 4 years Im glad finally! My OB recommended using foam and condoms (used together as effective as pills).. so now we do.. I had also lost my sex drive.. its back in full swing now!! :)