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Dec 28th '12
Quoting hobbit*:" The walker I had for my 2yr old was so 'safety this, anti that' that she couldn't actually move in it at all lol. But yea that's dumb."

:!::!: this!

but my MIL has had a new grandchild atleast once every year since 1999 except this year 2012... lol.. so she had a old one from back in 1998 in preparing for the new baby.. and she is pretty crafty with a sewing machine, even made a new seat/cover for it when it wore out... bc its the original smooth rolling ones, the newer ones barely roll and just have a whole bunch of toys attached... but i just let my LO free roam as much as possible or playplen toytime if i needed them contained while i do something

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Dec 28th '12

hmm well my son has used one and he started walking at 10 months so I don't see how it hurts. My daughter used one as well and she walked at 11 months. She's 8 now and nothing wrong with her.

Mama Constantine 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Colorado Springs, CO, United States 5844 posts
Dec 28th '12
Quoting Moses.:" So do carseats. And exersaucer things. And johnny jumpers. And baby carriers like the bjorn style. If used too often and too much."

That's a necessity though. The other things listed are optional, and we do not use them.

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Dec 28th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mrs. God of Thunder:</b>" When I immediately saw this topic, I first thought it was about zombies... LOL Sorry.. :("</blockquote>


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Dec 28th '12
Quoting ♥Mama Constantine:" That's a necessity though. The other things listed are optional, and we do not use them. "

Using them isn't the issue, it's the moderation that is. Just like foods, evetything CAN be good for you, in moderation. A baby playing in a walker, or johnny jumper for 10 minutes twice a day isn't going to do anything. It's the babies who sit in them for hours a day that are at a risk.

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Dec 28th '12

I just bought one today for my 10 month old. I'm in Canada as well I got it off kijiji lol

It.will only be used a limited.amount of time a day just like.her saucer, they are.OK.a few minutes a day not extended periods of time.