hello Ashley Del Vecchio Due December 15; 16 kids; Chesapeake, Virginia 8 posts
Dec 28th '12

Hi mommies i have a question i was pregnant with my first baby she was a still born i had her at 21 weeks (nov.6th 2012) my boyfriend and i have been ttc since then. after i delivered her i had to have a d&c because i could not deliver the plecenta. i blead up untill the 16th of december and have had unprotected sex almost everyday since then. i begun to bleed again on the 20th of dec. it was a heavy flow like a period and i am still bleeding i do have some pregnancy symptoms and feel i am pregnant i took a test and i do believe i saw a very faint positive sing i was wondering if this has happened to anyone of yall or if i should call my dr and get tested from him. i did bleed with my first one but it wasnt quite as heave or long. thanks for the feedback in advanced!

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
Dec 28th '12

I am so sorry for your loss momma.

Did they test your hCg levels after delivery to make sure you went back to zero to make sure you didn't retain any placenta? My only concern would be that you had issues with the placenta. Any retention could cause elevated hCG as well as pregnancy type symptoms....and heavy bleeding. I also would not recommend you TTC before going through a fully cycle. Your uterine lining would be thinner than normal & your odds of miscarriage would be slightly higher because of that issue alone. It wouldn't mean you *would* miscarry, it just makes the odds slightly worse & after loosing your daughter, I am sure that isn't anything you want to deal with now. :( Have you had a follow up with the Dr since the birth of your daughter? If so, did they do any physical exam or anything then? I would think the best thing ot do is to call the Dr & get an appointment. Whatever the case, if you got a faint BFP you still should probably be seen.

best wishes to you.

Ashley Del Vecchio Due December 15; 16 kids; Chesapeake, Virginia 8 posts
Dec 28th '12

im not a 100% sure he told me after surgery everythjng went perfect and i had a 2 week check up he examined me told me everything was fine and normal down there the plecenta was not the problem he sent that off tho pathology and it came back normal he told me he has no reason as to why her heart stopped it just did cuz that thursday everything was fine i was in his office and she had 155bpm then monday she had none and there was no sign that the cord was wrapped anywehre or knotted. he told me when i went in for my 4 week checkup i was no longer bleeding from the d&n it was my period but and i stopped and started again 4 days later thats why im a little confused but i do have an appt with him on the 2nd so im anxiously awaiting that. Thanks for your advice please if anymore let me know :)