Sex toys preggointheeggo Due December 31; New Jersey 2 posts
Dec 27th '12

Long story short: BFF's divorce was finalized this morning in court. She is in a crazy mix of emotions. I want to put together a cute "break up basket" that has chocolate, twizzlers (her fav candy), a comedy movie, nail polish, etc. I also want to get her a sex toy because she has joked about it before and shes that much of an addict hahaha anyways....what is a good first toy?

if you have pictures, that would help. I need it today because im going over to her house today.

t r i s h a . Due July 26 (boy); 2 kids; Gotham, NH, United States 2168 posts
Dec 27th '12

watching.. ;)

EskimoKiss TTC since Apr 2014; 1 child; Texas 11221 posts
Dec 27th '12

Pocket rocket or rabbit

Robin Lynn +Hannah Vista, California 560 posts
Dec 27th '12

My SO works in a sex shop so I'm all too familiar with this kind of thing! There is a line that has toys that are like "My First blah blah" & he loves getting those for me. They have things like My First G-Spot Vibrator, My First Bullet, fun things like that.

partybash Florida 8 posts
Feb 22nd '13

A Bullet Vibrator would be the best choice. For beginners, it is better to use Millionaire Sex Toy Dave's Vibrating Bullet. This is one of the best selling products and a branded one. It is quite affordable too.