lump under jawline Megan+1 Due July 27; Kentucky 419 posts
Dec 27th '12

About a month ago I noticed a little painful lump under my left jasmine. I just figured it was just swollen lymph node and may just be coming down with a cold. Well cold never came and now I feel like the lump is bigger and more painful. Its hard ans moves around a bit. Any clue what it could be?

LaLaLa... Due January 18 (girl); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; New Zealand 245 posts
Dec 27th '12

I had this soo freaking bad with my last pregnancy but no doctor could tell me what it was.
It used to get soo damn painful I'd be up literally all night crying in pain. I hope it doesn't get that bad for you cause mine lasted from 6 months pregnant till a month after I gave birth.

Rita West TTC since Jun 2016; 2 kids; Auckland, New Zealand 7218 posts
Dec 27th '12

SO had something similar, it was like a cyst or something, or swollen lymph nodes.. his doc said they should go away on their own but they never did until he quit smoking, so whatever it is was either caused by or aggravated by the smoking :? I hope you find out what they are!

Man. Bear. Pig. 2 kids; Arizona 25443 posts
Dec 27th '12

Press on it.... do you get a sour taste in your mouth? Does it hurt more when you eat something sour or salty?

I had stones blocking my salivary gland, and it would swell up like crazy. They tried to massage it out, but it was lodged in there, so I had my whole gland taken out.

I would see an ear/nose/throat doc if it doesn't get any better.