Bleeding. Mama Bird [+2] ♥ 2 kids; Michigan 2647 posts
Dec 26th '12

I am almost 4 weeks PP now. And my bleeding slowed down last week. Now every time I wipe after I pee there is kinda a lot on the TP. Its gross. i have to hop in the shower every time. EWW.
Normal? I have no idea.

~The Lunar Flower~ 2 kids; Alabama 6748 posts
Dec 26th '12

Very normal. I am 5 weeks pp & my bleeding just stopped a couple days ago

Mommi+Minions Due November 4; 1 child; South Carolina 338 posts
Dec 27th '12

It's on the normal side, I'm 5 weeks PP and still bleeding I called my doctor and she said if I bleed past the 6th week than call for an appointment.

But I understand you completely, I feel super gross wearing pads, and I've never had bleeding longer than 3 days my entire life.