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Dec 24th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Loka Lokita:</b>" *This is a very sensitive subject, please try to be nice* My partner is really new to relationships. ... [snip!] ... cutting? The way I explained it to him is when some people get angry, they punch walls, break things, scream, or smoke. I cut."</blockquote>

I can relate. I have been cutting since about 13 yrs. Ppl don't understand but I know what you mean & why you do it. My dh knows I did it & helped me thru a lot a just cut the other day. (after not cutting for yrs) I was sooooo tired of crying. I did it & felt relief. Ive hid it tho this time. Bc dh hates when I do it too. I don't do it bad but just enough to hurt & bleed.
My advice is talk to someone who can understand relate. I sometimes use poetry/writing instead. I wanted to cut once &I wrote a while poem on why I cut or want to. Feel free to message me. I've been there. I wouldn't say I'm never going to cut again I'll forever be a "recovering cutter"
Please try other methods of expressing yourself!

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Dec 25th '12

He is scared for you. Cutting is not a normal outlet for stress. Last time I cut, was January 12, 2008.

I went to therapy, attempted EMDR. Nothing worked. I see my scars on my legs every day, and feel contempt for what I did to myself. It was amazing, when I did it. I felt better, more relaxed. I won't lie, I still struggle with my anger issues. The only thing that helped me so far is voicing why I am so stressed and angry. Whether it be to DH, or while I am taking a shower. Afterwards, I realize that maybe it wasn't a big deal to begin with.

I hope you get therapy. Although EMDR did not help woth my PTSD, I recognize my triggers for cutting now. And instead of trying to hide them or make them go away, I face them head on. I lay it out.