☆Mrs. Mathers☆ 3 kids; Greenway, OH, United States 26554 posts
Dec 22nd '12

when i was younger i had a t*******e with two guys. i think it would of been funner if it was with a female and a male.

SO and i have talked about a t*******e, but we're too....idek what. we're not really jealous, but we don't want anyone else touching the other.

eyeamnicegirl United States 2 posts
Dec 14th '15

Would you/have you ever had a t*******e? If no, why?
Every one I've talked to says EVERY guy wants a t*******e at least once. Do you believe this is true?
If a guy says they don't want a t*******e do you believe they really do and just doesn't want to admit it or offend their SO?

DH says he never wants a t*******e. I don't either. I'm too jealous. Lol. Just got curious as to what y'all thought :-)

I'll answer it like this.  If your man is totally freakishly in love with you, he won't want a t*******e, especially one that involves another guy.  But if your man is just with you because you are hot not totally freakishly in love with you, then he will probably be open to the idea, and definitely up for it if is a second girl in the bed -- nothing better to a guy (who isn't totally freakishly in love with you) than literal permission to f*ck another woman.  So, the answer to your question is that yes, in general, men like the idea of threesomes involving two women and him, and a small percentage like the idea of seeing you get pounded by another guy (creepy idea to me for a guy to want to see his girl get f*cked by another guy, but whatever), but if the man is totally freakishly in love with you, then no, he won't want anything to do with a t*******e.