Need some help! TMI warning. *Dani* WitchBitch Inlaw! Due March 16; 18 kids; Elkhart, Indiana 10122 posts
Dec 19th '12

Ok so about 2 weeks ago hubby was f*******g me and felt something. So sence im on Paraguard i decided to check my strings. Well i felt this hardish round thing and my strings were coming out of it. So hubby researched it and it said that it was my cirvix, and that it was the start of a new cycle. So its been about 2 weeks and where is AF? Im starting to have more CM than usual too. Some cramps, Fatigue, and a bit of nausa. Any ideas?

diiamond142536 L.A, CA, United States 754 posts
Dec 19th '12

take a test just in case