Our Xmas Tree finding experience Lisa_30 Due April 14; 2 kids; Bloomfield, Connecticut 10 posts
Dec 18th '12

This past weekend, we had our annual christmas tree locating experience. We all got in the car and drove to one of those xmas tree places where you find and cut down your own tree. So its me, my hubby, and the kids. We drive down to the field and we start looking. So we look for roughly 10 minutes or so and the inevitable happens...Brianna says "mom...I have to pee." Now, there are no bathrooms anywhere. Its a field. I asked if she could hold it, and the answer at first was yes..but then she changed her mind, so I had to take her behind one of the xmas trees and she peed. So then after that mess, we find the perfect tree. Hubby cut it down, and we put it on top of the car. Then homeward we went. Yay for fun christmas memories. LOL