Moses. Due October 27; 3 kids; Texas 16003 posts
Dec 17th '12

Super Why, Caulliou, Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, Sesame Street and Word Girl are my 2 yr old's favorites.

Aidan&Sophie'sMomma 2 kids; Hampton, Virginia 1688 posts
Dec 17th '12
Quoting Meagan Hill:" PBS is COMPLETELY safe. It's all Arthur, Thomas the Train and stuff like that *my favorite is Signing Time!* It teaches your kid sign language!!!!"

he likes to watch these things on netflix, i put on one show and it plays like 5 different shows. (barney, thomas the train, bob the builder and a few others i cant remember right now) hes def a disney kid and i have no problem with that :) were going back to disney world next month and we have been having him watch disney movies to learn the disney people lol but i want LEARNING shows too. PBS.. ill have to check that out :)

CrAsH1988 Due June 17; 2 kids; Spencer, West Virginia 204 posts
Dec 17th '12

Pocoyo :)