Long wtf vent... Executionista Due May 20; 3 kids; Chatsworth, Georgia 568 posts
Dec 17th '12

My last couple topics have been about my fiance breaking it off with me and leaving. Well we'd been talking now for a couple weeks, he missed me and apparently his feelings for me had come back and he wanted to move back in.

Now to my close friend, she lives in oregon, we live in georgia. She claims that he started talking to her a week before he even moved out in the first place telling her he was falling for her and yada yada. Saying he wanted to go up there and be with her. She tells me about this today, because he moved in a few days ago, bought me a phone and everything so I could text him while he was at work. She says he's still talking to her. Her conclusion is her and I resemble one another quite a bit and he's afraid to get hurt by me so he's gathering a plan b. My wtf moment is, why would you think she wouldn't tell me? Did he wanna get caught? I'm so confused...
She said she told him to f**k off, that her loyalty lies with me.

He's been pretty good since he's been back. Got drunk one night and told me he loved me so much that I had no idea, that he was afraid to come back to me because he wouldn't be enough to make me happy.
I did f**k up and talk to my youngest daughters dad and flirt, exchange pictures. Being why I'm not flying off the handle yet. I guess this is karma?

My friend thinks he may wanna get caught to get back at me.

But why come back here then?

InkDMomma 35 kids; Clinton Township, Michigan 27418 posts
Dec 17th '12

Mature relationships you don't get even, you forgive and move the f**k on in the relationship or move them f**k on from eachother.
He's a douche bag.