username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Dec 16th '12

weve never had a problem with having toys in camerons room.. then again they usually end up in the living room. but we dont have an extra room/play room so we have no other choice

*Lindsey* 3 kids; Alberta 8816 posts
Dec 16th '12
Quoting LolaMcKitten:" We have the toys in their rooms and we just teach them that there are times when they can play and times ... [snip!] ... and they play with them, which is fine. If they aren't going to wake me up, I would rather them play with toys in their room. "

i wish mine did that...the second they open their eyes i swear they come up to my room...not even fully awake yet. Im always like gooo play in your rooms for alittle bit. I dont know why they feel the need to always come wake me up just to leave again lol