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Dec 16th '12
Quoting Tanya-Michelle 'Wench' Mo:" Haha I have dreams like that all the time! I also dream about DF but they always seem weird, like one ... [snip!] ... arse cos I couldn't get to his d**k with.his huge belly in the way lol x I told him that one, we had such a laugh about it!x"

BAHA best dream ever

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Dec 16th '12
Quoting Mason'sMommy;:" That happened to me too!"

hehe.... I don't really remember the acutal sex part, I just know we "did it" Hope it was good for her! :)

-Niamh- 3 kids; Derry, NH, United States 2310 posts
Dec 16th '12

I have dreams like that a lot. Various random people are involved. Sometimes exes, sometimes other people in my life, etc. Do I feel guilty? Of course not. They are just dreams. Do I tell DH about them? Eh... sometimes. I might say something like "I dream-cheated on you last night" or "Hey! You dream-cheated on me, ya jerk." All in good fun. We chuckle about it and move on.

They're dreams. Not real life.

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Dec 16th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Dallas ♥ Isla:</b>" BAHA best dream ever"</blockquote>

Haha it was so weird! He woke up to me staring at him and he was all 'what are u staring at?' I was just like 'ur not pregnant.... Wow that was a weird dream!' :D