Melissa Caruso 3 kids; North Little Rock, Arkansas 478 posts
Dec 19th '12

Awesome! Glad you finally found some relief!

K_Mommy1114 Due November 19 (girl); 1 child; California 472 posts
Dec 28th '12
Quoting TabathaLynn Martin:" Thanks everyone, im using the 3 day monistat stuff and its only been 2 days now and already i feel SOOOO ... [snip!] ... infection but said if it came back or didnt fully go away then to let him know and he would give me a prescription for it. :)"

glad your feeling better!! i know it is MISIRABLE to have yeast infections when your pregnant! i had one when i was about 10 weeks and had to wait until i was 14 weeks (2nd trimester) to take any meds! i was so misirable!! once i started the meds i was better but then they kept coming back litterally every 2 weeks! they even gave me perscription and it didnt make it go away completely! so my ENTIRE pregnancy i had constant yeast infections! so disgusting! up until i gave birth and after that they stopped! thank you baby jesus! now im terrified to get pregnant again for a second one becuase of that 1 issue!

Miracle Mommy Magen 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Irving, Texas 527 posts
Dec 28th '12

You can also put plain yogurt on a tampon and stick it up ur vag... I know it sounds weird but the bacteria in tougher helps fight the yeast! Also u can soak in a couple inches of lukewarm vinegar bath... Just a few cheaper alterities! I have the opposite issuer right now, horrible hemmorroid itching!!