frequent BM *TiffanyMae* 2 kids; Montana 6002 posts
Dec 14th '12

I just read from a few different places that increased or more frequent bowel movements can happen 48 hours before labor begins.. has this been true for anyone?? I've seriously had about 5 BMs today.. and normal for me is 1. I've been having braxton hicks for a few weeks now

user banned TTC since Apr 2014; 2 kids; Middelfart, Denmark 15320 posts
Dec 14th '12

I shit my brains out. Congrats.

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Dec 14th '12

It could be a sign of labor but that doesnt mean it will be really soon. I had diarrhea for a week before i had ds