Two Princesses 2 kids; Los Angeles, CA, United States 7205 posts
Dec 13th '12

I had a c-section in 2010 and am having a repeat one in May.
I was given percocet every few hours my entire 4 day hospital stay. Then I was given my choice between Vicodin or Tylenol 3 upon being discharged which I would take at night before bed to help me sleep.
Baby was completely fine nursing.
Best of luck.

Two Princesses 2 kids; Los Angeles, CA, United States 7205 posts
Dec 13th '12
Quoting *L's Mommie*:" Hun my Lo is fixing to be month on the 17th. First two weeks were hard because yah can't move nor pump ... [snip!] ... night I got him to latch on with a n****e shield. Most amazing thing ever! You can do it. I was going to give up but didn't!"

Congrats on having your baby momma. :)
Your profile still says you're due November 13 though lol.

LivvyGail 1 child; Tennessee 57 posts
Dec 13th '12

i still nursed while taking the same thing. & if your baby wont latch on. get on & order this thing that suctions to your breat. it makes your n****e exactly like a bottle. works tremendously! plus you dont get as sore!

~Kim~ (TOG) 36 kids; Antelope, California 7805 posts
Dec 13th '12
Quoting 2happy:" Im looking at a c section due to a breech baby. My first son was a vaginal but induced early for medical ... [snip!] ... me with having a c section. So any advice or experience having a c section and being successful bf would really help me out."

just make sure they know you are breastfeeding. they gave me vicodin but I only took half at a time. with my c-section I was walking around and doing my hing by day 4 and day 6 I was back to scrubbing floors and making dinner :) it isnt as bad as most make it to be.... a scheduled c-section that is :)

runningmom_rn 2 kids; Ontario 248 posts
Dec 13th '12

Holy Moly American doctors order hardcore pain meds for c-sections... that is insane!! ... I would only suggest and take tylenol 3's if necessary myself.

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Dec 13th '12
Quoting .Colleen.:" Now that you mention is, Luke was in the NICU and part of the reason was breathing. It was a very reputable hospital, I don't see them not advising me of the risk either."

... i do.

but i don't have a lot of faith in the way hospitals operate when it comes to infants and childbirth, regardless of reputation.

it's an obvious one -- a VERY obvious one that you and i can make the quick connection about (pain meds = depressing brain function on multiple levels, why would you be willing to expose an infant to it, if it can be avoided?).

but there's a lot of that in american hospitals... it's a sort of backwards approach to the entire childbirth and postpartum paradigm.

*L's Mommie* 17 kids; Abilene, Texas 367 posts
Dec 13th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Two Princesses:</b>" Congrats on having your baby momma. :) Your profile still says you're due November 13 though lol."</blockquote>

Thanks, yeah I haven't changed anything, but I was due on the 13th, but I waited out till 17th to be induced, and an emergency c-section

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Dec 14th '12

I have had two cs, my first i didnt care to push to bf and was on tylenol codeine #3, but my son who I had in May, i breastfed him for 6 weeks and was on the same meds but while in the hospital I had everything they gave me the first 24 one said i couldnt BF (p.s. toddler's jealousy was one of my main reasons of stopping)

your body, your mind, your child!

dont give up sweetie! you can do it ! after all its what your body is made for!

Zoe&Harper's Mom (Em) 2 kids; Alabama 16920 posts
Dec 14th '12

I took percocet and 800 mg ibuprofen. I breastfeed both kids. I would recommend just using the percocet while in the hospital but just go to ibuprofen every 6 hours around the clock the first week. It really helped with the pain for me personally. I nursed every 2 to 3 hours around the clock for the first 2 weeks and in the first week if I didn't take the ibuprofen on the dot every 6 hours i would feel real achy in the incision site. I did have burning in the incision site during breastfeeding b/c my uterus would contract but over all it was okay. You can message me on facebook if you have any questions while in the hospital or after you get home. I will gladly help your through this. Been there and done that!

Mara Due September 27 (girl); 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38965 posts
Dec 17th '12
Quoting .Colleen.:" Ideally, no meds would be preferable. In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as emergency ... [snip!] ... and since percocet had been used for pain management with little adverse effects for many years, I felt the risk was warranted."

it wouldn't have felt warranted had the hospital established a streamlined procedure for post-operation medication that considered both the mother and infant.

it's not that you're weak - not at all, it's that the system is still so disconnected from the reality of what they're dealing with... two extremely vulnerable humans.