Dont worry about it♥ California 4151 posts
Dec 15th '12
Quoting Booger & Bubba's Mommy:" My So does wear them. :) If he is working outside on a really cold day he wears them under his jeans. ... [snip!] ... to move in. Men used to wear nylons while working construction for the same reasons. Out in public as pants I'd laugh at him."

This I could understand!

DisneyMommy 34 kids; Florida 6301 posts
Dec 15th '12

I had such a huge crush on the Milli Vanilli guys and some of the Glam-Rocker bands....who in the late 80's/early 90's, wore leggings sometimes, paired with loafers and business jacketd with huge shoulderpads,....was considered cutting edge fashion then. Havent really seen it since though,.

I really just prefer jeans or sweats on a man.

Kaleighshaleigh 3 kids; USA 7100 posts
Dec 15th '12

Nope...I don't find that attractive at all. I'm glad that I have a man with muscular legs that are far too large for those things. :)

LolaMcKitten Due May 30 (girl); 27 kids; Beverly Hills, California 15496 posts
Dec 15th '12

Wow, those are f**king SEXY! *runs to change panties*

GTFOGTFO 6 kids; Italy 5611 posts
Dec 16th '12

DH would never wear them, but I definitely have an "out there" kind of style. I can't say I would look twice if I saw some dude rocking them. lol

user banned Japan 33 posts
Feb 10th '13
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