mucus plug *TiffanyMae* 2 kids; Montana 6002 posts
Dec 12th '12

When did you start to lose yours? This is my 2nd pregnancy and I'm 38 weeks and 3 days.. I haven't lost any of it and I find it kind of odd I guess.. is it common to not lose it until labor starts? With my first I started to lose my plug way before 38 weeks lol..

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Dec 12th '12

#1-a few hours before I went into labor-a huge glob.

#2-a few weeks before I went into labor, small globs at a time and never as much as w/ #1.

Celeste Ariel Romero Due July 10; 3 kids; Lamesa, TX, United States 441 posts
Dec 12th '12

With my first and only I was 40 weeks a day after my membranes were swept i lost it but still didn't but me in labor. I think my first due date was right not the second that my dr changed it to.