Give me your best! Angela & Austin's Mama :) 2 kids; Wyoming 4998 posts
Dec 12th '12

Give me your best cookies recipes or ideas! I'm having a cookie exchange party on Saturday and I haven't been able to decide what ot make. I only know what one person is making so far and she's doing chocolate caramel and pumpkin cookies.
Share???? :D

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Dec 12th '12

I don't have a recipe, but buy a bag of Andes Creme De Menthe chips and make chocolate cookies with them. They are pure Heaven!

BakingBean2 2 kids; Ohio 2247 posts
Dec 12th '12


Andreahhh 1 child; San Antonio, Texas 8745 posts
Dec 12th '12

I just made a bunch of shortbread cookies. The recipe is ridiculously simple.

2 cups butter
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
1 tsp vanilla extract

Whip the butter and sugar together until smooth, put in vanilla, add flour one cup at a time, mix until it makes a dough. Cut, roll, or whatever you want to do with 'em, then put them in the oven at 375 for about 12 minutes. They'll be pale and soft when they're done, just let them cool and they will harden. :)

I added cinnamon into mine, and I'm dipping them in chocolate and putting sprinkles on 'em.

Ashlee♥ Due December 1; TTC since Oct 2014; 3 kids; Puyallup, WA, United States 68246 posts
Dec 12th '12

No bake cookies!

Angela & Austin's Mama :) 2 kids; Wyoming 4998 posts
Dec 12th '12

Thanks ladies!!! They all sound yummy! I'm trying not to bake until I have to or I'll eat it all lol