Contraction Pattern TrollMama Due December 19; Beaumont, Texas 352 posts
Dec 10th '12

I'm feeling contractions today but being my first baby, I'm not sure if these are beginning labor or BH. I've been spotting all day and called L&D, they just said to time things for a while and come in when they are constant and 5-7 minutes apart.

Well... I've been experiencing 40-45 seconds of contracting every 6 minutes. Except it will skip every third contraction and go twice as long without one. I'm confused.

Lady Anon Due December 25 (girl); 1 child; Davenport, Iowa 4610 posts
Dec 10th '12

Mine were very consistent.

Never skipped one as you put it.

melissa_83 Due December 20; 3 kids; New York 1297 posts
Dec 10th '12

they should be consistant for an hour

Kimberlea Boggs 1 child; Reynoldsburg, Ohio 385 posts
Dec 10th '12

Lay on your left side and drink some water. If they slow down or stop it's false labor.

Katie[ღ]Siℓas 17 kids; Grand Haven, Michigan 2071 posts
Dec 10th '12

I'm in the same boat as you momma, this shit sucks :( The last two nights or so I've had contractions 4-5 mins apart, some weren't painful and some were, but sometimes it would stop and be 10 or 15 mins until I got another one. Found out thismorning that I'm only dilated to 1 and a half cm. :(

Tori Loutzenhiser 2 kids; Nebraska 236 posts
Dec 10th '12

My first baby even when I was pushing my contractions weren't consistent at all. Just like they say every pregnancy is different it's the same for labor.