1st hair cut age? Zander and Luke's mommy 2 kids; Ankeny, Iowa 2387 posts
Dec 9th '12

how old was your LO when they got their first hair cut? My son is almost 2 and still has never had one, he was born with barely any hair lol.

~T&C plus me~ 2 kids; .., OR, United States 4255 posts
Dec 9th '12
Quoting Zander and Luke's mommy:" how old was your LO when they got their first hair cut? My son is almost 2 and still has never had one, he was born with barely any hair lol."

DS is 16 months old, and I still haven't cut his. It is curly so it doesn't look as long as it actually is. By his age my nephew had already had 3!

MinnesotaMommy2One 1 child; Minnesota 2701 posts
Dec 9th '12

Lol my daughter is 2.5 and probably won't need one for a couple more years ha

GrumpsMama 1 child; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 16246 posts
Dec 9th '12

My son is 20 months and has almost no hair. lol.

Bald baboes

Mama Rice 34 kids; North Las Vegas, Nevada 11987 posts
Dec 9th '12

My DD was 4 and my DS was 2. Their hair took sooooo damn long to grow I was afraid to cut it and have more years of bald children. LOL

Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Dec 9th '12

My baby just got his first hair cut and he isn't even 5 months.

My oldest got his hair trimmed around 4 months and his first haircut was after 5 months.

My boys were born with a lot of hair:)

This mom. 2 kids; Stockton, California 4908 posts
Dec 9th '12

My daughter is going to be 2 next month and hasnt had a hair cut, but her hair is so thin and curly, and long (when its wet) that if i cut it, it wouldnt do anything, so she hasnt had one yet :( my plan is to not cut it. lol

☆ IVAN'S MAMI Due March 10; 1 child; Utah 4272 posts
Dec 9th '12

1 year i think

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23103 posts
Dec 9th '12

Ariadne is 17 months old and she still hasn't had one. She doesn't have much hair right now though. I didn't get my first one until 4 so I plan on doing the same with Ariadne

--K-- 2 kids; Romania 3189 posts
Dec 9th '12

My son is three and I have never cut his hair.

Bear's mama ♥ 1 child; Colorado 1092 posts
Dec 9th '12

My son is going to be 2 in March. He has had 2 "real" hair cuts, and I have shaved his head into a mo-hawk 3 times :oops::oops::oops:

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
Dec 9th '12

My son was 4.
My daughter is almost 2 and I probably won't ever cut her hair.
I have bald babies though lol their hair takes sooo long to start growing!

Levi and Brooklyn's Mommy 2 kids; Alabama 4531 posts
Dec 9th '12

18 months he hated it and still does lol

Grniz 2 kids; Illinois 45725 posts
Dec 9th '12

He was a week shy of a year old.
he's had 4 now and he's 15 months old.
he needed one at 6 months but I couldn't bring myself to do so.

Felisha {♥} 2 kids; New Mexico 2608 posts
Dec 9th '12

6 months... He had a ton of hair!