Saraea Banks 1 child; Sayre, Oklahoma 33 posts
Dec 10th '12

Like i said lastnight, Thank you everyone for the advice.
Today got bad because i had asked my mom to buy me some wet wipes till we got paid next week and my step dad freaked out.
I guess they are going to write us a check to move back to New York either 2morrow or Wednesday!! (and i dont have to pay them back, but i will)

Mama Nene Due January 10 (boy); Illinois 32 posts
Dec 11th '12

Its hard, and it's only going to get harder. That is the complete reality of things. But always remember, that this will not last forever. You continue to raise your son and do whatever you feel is needed to make sure that he has what is needed, and also for you. Keep your head up and dont let this break you. Your struggles only a b reakthrough is bound to happen. Seek any help from anyone willing too. Take it Easy