Exclusively Breast Pumping Haleigh's Mom Due February 26; 33 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 319 posts
Dec 8th '12

Has anyone pumped starting from day of birth? I started breast feeding my first daughter and I didn't like it too much, the latching on, the pain, not at all so I pumped after we came home from the hospital & that continued thru me going back to work, 6 weeks post partum.
Now with this pregnancy, I have decided to just breast pump exclusively just to make sure baby Aubreigh gets everything I have to give, (plus the weight loss is a bonus :) ), and I want to continue even after I come back to work. Hopefully my supply can keep up with demand. So I was just wondering, has anyone ever breast pumped beginning at birth? & how was it?

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Dec 8th '12

not impossible but very hard to keep up. IMO exclusively pumping is the hardest option for feeding your child. best of luck

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
Dec 8th '12

Some of the info on this is covered in the thread I linked (called Boobies 101) in this section - it talks about some of the pitfalls of pumping. It can be done for su re- it just really is much iffier than nursin gas far as how long a momma can make it work...but that also depends on factors that differ from one momma to the next too. You might also want to check out a site like specifically for mommas that are doing it that way.

"TBear" 7 kids; Arizona 2663 posts
Dec 8th '12

I have pretty much pumped since birth of my last daughter. Due to health issues she needs to take it from a bottle. It stinks. I much prefer nursing.