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Dec 8th '12

My precious, well-behaved, adorable little 15 month old decided to sneak mommy's phone out of her purse pocket in Walmart last night and throw it to the ground, thus shattering the screen into splinters. Children are so lovely. :)

It was a T-mobile MyTouch 3g Slide....I loved it. Lots, lol.

My question is...where aside from a T-mobile store, Craigslist & Ebay can I find a cheap replacement phone? And quick? This is our work & home & cell phone so I'm stressing.

Or if there's any momma's out there with a cool T-mobile smart phone laying around I'll buy it off of you? I'm so freaking flustered, my little turd KNEW she wasn't supposed to have it. Thus why I believe it was flung to the floor when I saw her with it, haha.