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Dec 8th '12

So I recently learned that I have hip problems causing problems including: back spasms, lack of balance, lack of muscle strength in my quads hamstrings and core, and also my hip flexer and quads are so super tight that femur doesn't rotate properly. Once we found out my balance was due to my hip problem I immediately had my daughter get seen by her PCM to evaluate her pigeon toe and her balance (we have always said she walks just like me including her lack of balance so I was worried). Well low and behold her doctor was a little concerned with how exaggerated her pigeon toe would get at points so she referred her out for physical therapy for gait strengthening and her pigeon toe. We finally had her evaluation at the physical therapist and we found out she has anteversion due to her pigeon toe and this is where my questions are. Erica didn't seem comfortable with her therapist and her therapist didn't seem like she worked with toddlers (Erica will be 3 in February). I also just found out the place I go for pt has a peds therapist (whom I've already talked to a little bit about the situation) and I love all the therapists there.

I have two questions
1. How many visits should I try to see if Erica will warm up to her therapist and see if it is working?
2 Has anyone gone through this before??

My physical therapy is so much easier to deal with because I can explain things and understand the things they are telling me.

:Brittany: Lebanon, PA, United States 3730 posts
Dec 9th '12