Karly&Maddox 1 child; Tulare, California 149 posts
Dec 8th '12
Quoting Alexis's Mommy 2 Be:" Oh yea that is me! Currently 33 weeks it gets worse, even when I DO manage to somehow get kinda comfortable ... [snip!] ... response screw that ill have to do it long enough once baby is here, nature should let us get all the sleep while we can lol.."

LOL right? let us be normal for as long as we can!

Brooke Bush 33 kids; Wyoming, Michigan 40 posts
Dec 9th '12

I'm almost 29 weeks and I have a sleeping disorder. They took me off the meds I was on and I get maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep every night. It always seems like when I'm exhausted (and finally comfortable) enough to sleep, my son decides that it's time for him to play kick mommy's ribs or whatever else he can reach.

Mamaof2boys• 2 kids; Douglas, Ga, Georgia 760 posts
Dec 9th '12

oh yeah ivr started not going to sleep around 2-3 and waking up constantly, and getting up at 8am! Right now its 6 am here and ive been up since 3! & i wake SO up constantly

hails_r Due February 3 (boy); Oldham, United Kingdom 6 posts
Dec 9th '12

I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and since 25 weeks I have struggled to sleep so ive noticed what helps and what doesnt help/

My advice which works for me (may not work for all):
*Dont drink a lot of energy drinks, coffee, tea or pop (that has caffine in*some like zup have non in*) because it makes baby move. I drink two cups of tea a day and if im going outside i drink a can of pop because I get dizzy and the sugar helps.
*Eating before bed can cause your body to digest food which can be uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep.
*laying on my back can bring heartburn, i take gaviscon and milk which doesnt take it away completly but eases it. I also get a sore bottom due to the increased weight so i put a pillow under one butt cheek.
*If I lay on my side my belly hurts so i put a pillow just under the lower bit of my tummy and between my leg, I find this really comfortable. Baby has a habbit of kicking/hitting me if im lay on a side where he is resting on so I swap sides.
*I got incontinance so I wear a sanitary towle. When i don't wear one, the leaking of pee makes it impossible to sleep.
*If im stressed about anything... i can kiss goodbye to a good nights sleep so i try not to stress about something before i go to bed.

Doing all this I still wake up every 2 hours 45 mins (like i have an in built alarm clock) to pee. But I find it much easier to get back to sleep if I have done these things than i would if i dont.