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Dec 7th '12
Quoting InkDMomma:" You dont HAVE to have a c-section, yet. There is PLENTY of time for baby to move head down, tell your doctor to not get ahead of themselves."


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Dec 7th '12
Quoting ~*~BoobTini~*~:" look into this site Tiger Lily my freind recommended it to me for when i was pregnant with my son "

Thanks! I'm going to check it out now. His foot is straight in front of his face and he's squished, and his butt has dropped where his head should be, in the birth canal. I think he's stuck. :/ But I'm willing to try what I can to see what we can do!

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Dec 8th '12
Quoting Jan.2013Momma:" Dont know if this has already been said but they can turn your baby manually at 37/38 weeks so you dont have to get a c-section. However if it is because he is small that is a different story."

Yeah thats also a good way for your baby to die....not a good option