Old Navy coupon question LOVEEEEx3 2 kids; Georgia 3944 posts
Dec 7th '12

I was wondering if any of you know whether or not I could use the spend $50 get $15 off coupon again. I already used it on yesterday but I wanted to go get more stuff today. I was trying to find it on the email but didn't see it. Thanks!

♥ meow Due March 11; 1 child; Palm Bay, Florida 2368 posts
Dec 7th '12

im pretty sure you can,

Rebecca_She TTC since Oct 2010; Bellevue, Washington 279 posts
Dec 12th '12

I am pretty sure you can (we're talking in-store, right?).

One more thing (because that $15 off $50+ coupon is probably already expired), they have a new 30% off coupon (probably as good as the $15 off $50+ coupon) valid until 13 december 2012. The code is HOLIDAY and you can use it online (probably multiple times?!).

And they have a $15 off $75 coupon too (for in-store use). And more coupons here:

Hope it helps! :-)