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Dec 8th '12
Quoting Peyton'sMommy♥:" Arlo...... I think it's weird but whatever, lol."

Arlo is really nice. Like.

NicoThunders 2 kids; Michigan 12847 posts
Dec 8th '12

I like Arlo a lot, prefer Alo, but Arlo is really nice.

Asacia Norris 1 child; Fort Wayne, Indiana 301 posts
Dec 8th '12
Quoting Rue's Momma:" I love it !! It's defintely old fashioned but a huge breathe of fresh air from the jaiden aiden Caden crap"

Agreed! For real, how many people can name their kids Aiden?! There are at least 10-15 in the past 2 years in my hometown. Get creative people.