My labor story Mrs. [W] 3 kids; California 2593 posts
Dec 6th '12

A week late but better late than never lol

Well after resting for 3 hours with consistent contractions and really trying to decide whether we wanted to waste another trip to L&D just to be sent home, we packed up the car, dropped my daughter off at my parents and drove 45 minutes to the hospital. Longest and most painful car ride of my life and almost broke my husbands hands squeezing it through each contraction haha

Once we got to L&D they hooked me up and checked me. I was 2-3 cm earlier that day and I was now 4 cm and 80% effaced and definitely contracting every 3 min. They admitted me, moved me to a birthing suite, hooked up my IV and epidural right away. It was about 12:30 a.m at this point and the epidural was amazing so I could finally relax, I nodded off a couple times but didn't really sleep. At about 7 a.m the doctor came in, checked me and I was 7 cm and he broke my water. I immediately felt pressure with each contraction because she was so low. At about 8:35ish the doctor checked me and her head was right there, about ready to come out. Thank god he checked me because I had no idea she was right there lol he had me push once and immediately told me to stop because she was moving fast. He was yelling to everyone to get the bed ready and everything when all of the sudden he turned around, told me to stop pushing and I yelled I wasn't(because I wasn't) and my daughter shot out right into his arms and a gigantic gush of fluid which apparently flooded the floor lol
She was born at 8:45 a.m at 8 lbs and 21 inches long :)

They put her right on my chest and I got skin to skin time for the first thirty minutes :) it was absolutely amazing! I only got 30 minutes because during the end of my labor I ended up with a fever of 102.1 and apparently had an infection in my amniotic fluid. They took my baby away to clean her up and check her out while I got antibiotics for the infection. I only had 1stitch and I was up walking around about an hour after I delivered her.

They needed to take my baby to the nursery to get her an IV going because she would need antibiotics as well, just as a precaution since I had an infection while she was still inside me. But before they took her I got to nurse her and she immediately latched on and did amazing! She's still doing great with breastfeeding :)

I had her Thursday morning and we went home Saturday afternoon once she finished her last round of antibiotics. The first couple nights were hard and I had gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep total in 4 days but now she is sleeping for 3-4 hour stretches and mostly only waking up to eat and go back to sleep.

I'm so excited my body went into labor on it's own and progressed all the way up to 10 cm without the help of pitocin. Everything went great minus the infection! And our little girl is here, 1 week old and perfect :)

GlitterGirl_Xo 2 kids; Virginia 2353 posts
Dec 6th '12

Congratulations! I would LOVE to have a labor and recovery like that! It sounds great :)

TrollMama Due December 19; Beaumont, Texas 352 posts
Dec 6th '12

Good job, mom! Infection or not, it still reads pretty damn awesome.

Mrs. [W] 3 kids; California 2593 posts
Dec 6th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting TrollMama:</b>" Good job, mom! Infection or not, it still reads pretty damn awesome."</blockquote>

Thanks! It was awesome! I've been lucky to have both my labors go pretty smooth :)

L♥vey +2 Due October 2 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Nevada 2322 posts
Dec 11th '12

Congrats! Great birth experience! :)