Allergic to huggies? user banned
Dec 5th '12

I think my son is allergic to Huggies. When he was a couple weeks old he got what the doctor said was a yeast infection. it was only around the area were the elastic lays on his legs. it got so bad that his skin was peeling.
Someoe gave me a box of huggies and ive been using them for the past three days. he i starting to look red around the legs again. I just remembered that he was wearing huggies the las time he had a rash, he usually wears pampers or luvs.

Should i stop using them? Has anyone elses LO had a reaction to Huggies?

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Dec 5th '12

It probably is the diapers. But my LO is the exact opposite. Huggies are the only brand we use because she's so sensitive to the others.

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Dec 5th '12

I would stop using them and see if it clears up in one of the other brands you normally use. If not there are always cloth diapers and diapers they make without some of the harsh chemicals I'm the normal ones. I think Jessica alba uses one of the no chemical disposable ones. I just switched to cloth cause it was cheaper in the long run than payin for expensive chemical free disposables.

Elizabeth 0315 Due February 24; 35 kids; Prince Edward Island 1630 posts
Dec 5th '12

My son is allergic to them, he's actually allergic to whatever the sent is in them?! he litterly swells and breaks out :(

Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Dec 5th '12

My baby couldn't use Huggies or Pampers when he was a newborn. Now he is ok with them. My oldest could only wear Pampers until recently because every other brand gave him a rash and then recently Pampers started doing it to him so we switched both kids to Parents Choice from Wal-Mart

*Amo a Mis Nenas* 3 kids; Birmingham, Alabama 8838 posts
Dec 5th '12

that's how my girls were. if i even put one huggies diaper on them, they'd have a rash the next change.. i like luvs. and i've recently discovered the sams club brand works great as well!

user banned Due May 6; TTC since Jan 2016; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Westbrook, ME, United States 8502 posts
Dec 5th '12

Now I have like 80 diapers that I can't use :( this sucks. i tried parents choice but for some reason the pee finds its way out of the diaper and not the diaper its self. I guess its back to pampers. What is the size range for over night diapers?

*C-Ya* 143 kids; Charles City, Iowa 6768 posts
Dec 6th '12

You can donate the diapers to a battered women's shelter. They ALWAYS take diapers and formula. That's where I send all the formula I am still getting in the mail even though my daughter will be three this month.

I know when my daughter had reactions to her meds that made her poop acid, I had to use 7th generation diapers to help her heal so I could put her cloth back on. Her poop would burn her on contact, like she would bleed and skin would peel off before you had time to open her diaper and clean her up :( So happy she doesn't deal with that anymore though. :(

Anyways, I hope he gets better.