lunaroselove Japan 1 posts
Jan 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sara *Aiden's Mommy*:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting kthx.:</b>" I agree. I'm not straight... so I can't say I could ... [snip!] ... soo hard for me to feel bad for him and what he is going through, because he acts like this is not killing him like it is me."</blockquote>

I know exactly how your feeling dear, I'm currently going through this right now it's been 3 weeks today. I feel so hurt, and he just seems like it's so easy for him we were together for 10 years and just dropped this bomb on me. We have 3 kids together as well. I don't understand how someone can just move on so quickly, with not to much emotion behind it :( I'm so confused and hurt.

EBF*JB 2 kids; California 3564 posts
Jan 18th '13

I'm sorry you are going through this. It would be very, very devastating to be on your side of it.
My mom went through what you did. Married to my dad for 11 years, he randomly divorced her..(they never really fought, just normal arguments. so she never saw it coming.)

Mama Lizzy :] 1 child; Texas 5575 posts
Jan 18th '13

The same thing happened with my Dad didnt Mom thinks he did tho....He loved my Mom but preferred men and couldnt take lieing to himself snymore...he wanted to keep the family together and make their marriage work...but my Mom was too hurt...she ended up quickly falling in love with my Stepdad 3 months later....they have been happily married for 12 years...and everyon e gets along now....Its going to take time but you will find happiness again! Probably a greater happiness :)

StraightForward Japan 1 posts
Oct 16th '13

Sara, for some reason your post just popped up on my Google alerts. You are not alone; there are thousands of women (and men) who are or have been in the same boat, myself included. Please check out the Straight Spouse Network ( to find support and resources. I also have a FB page @

Hugs to you,