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Dec 6th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Jae=Devin & Jordyns Mommy:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting AnnieH:</b>" Perfect. Random other thought, any time you plan ... [snip!] ... woke up and diaper bag was always packed the night before so I knew I could just nurse and leave if I wanted to go anywhere."</blockquote>

I always repack he diaper bag before bedtime if I have to go somewhere early, even with just 1---still do it for his backpack now, haha. And set out clothes. And you know my babies have zero hair at birth, so I don't have to do hair :)

And ax pretty much dresses himself.

I'm sure it's different when they're 4 years apart vs 2ish years apart.

Plus I don't have to fight Ax to eat or get dressed. In fact, I had him half dressed before he even woke up today. Socks and pants and shies were on, just beeded a tee and jacket, haha.

I'm anally organized, so I am not TOO worried about having 2 except for baptisms because we KNOW how quiet Ax is!

And I am going to miss naps! Not that i get them now since Ax hasnt napped except during growth spurts in 18+ months (another thing about him being older when 2 comes along). But this one should still nap after Ax goes to school in a year, so I'll only be missing naps til then, I hope :) maybe!