how much do/did you spend endless. 1 child; Astoria, Oregon 428 posts
Dec 5th '12

On you kid/s for Christmas? How old are they? I feel like I went overboard and am considering returning some stuff or saving for a later time to avoid her expecting a ton each year.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Dec 5th '12

Savannah who is 3- about $500-600
Katy who will be 11 months- $250-300
plus everything from the grandparents.

Megan TTC since Feb 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Prince Frederick, Maryland 2555 posts
Dec 5th '12

My daughter is 4 and I've spent around $500. Although $200 of it was spent on an innotab 2 and 4 games to go with it.

Turtley Mikey Due October 31; 2 kids; California 50611 posts
Dec 5th '12

Oh man, I really do not know.

I typically but throughout the year, so I'm not so overwhelmed AND broke this time of year. It usually depends, every year is different.

Ella Minnow Pea Delight, Arkansas 3914 posts
Dec 5th '12

We haven't finished our shopping yet, but it won't be more than $150 per kid if we go by our list. Ours are almost 4 and 2. They're getting bikes this year, otherwise we wouldn't be spending that much. We've gone way overboard in years past,so we're trying to tone things down from now on, especially since they have birthdays in January and October where they also get gifts.

Schmayder ♥ 1 child; Iowa 11769 posts
Dec 5th '12

I don't have a specific budget set but I don't want to go over $1000 total for kids, family members etc. Kiddos are 11,7, 4,4 :D

SailorJerry 3 kids; California 18522 posts
Dec 5th '12

I havent purchased their gifts yet but we really cant afford a ton. Im keeping the budget at $10-$15 per person we are buying for. (all kids in my family)

No Girls Allowed Due September 16; 4 kids; Grosse Tete, LA, United States 71999 posts
Dec 5th '12

Last year about $100 each, this year is tight so about $30-50

Destinite 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Paradise, FL, United States 35338 posts
Dec 5th '12

In previous years, I spent over $1000 on my one kid. I've since toned it down and am only spending about $600-$700. (baby steps for me). I've spent about $450ish so far, I think.
I am ordering a train/lego table for him, so I hope to not exceed $200 for that. I'm trying not to emphasize so much on the gifts at Christmas, b/c he gets stuff all year round.

RonniG Due July 19; 1 child; Plentywood, Montana 2036 posts
Dec 5th '12

My son's first birthday is on Christmas. It makes it hard. Whereas normally we may have spent $300 on each occasion, we can really only afford to spend $150 for birthday and $150 for christmas. So one bigger thing for each occasion and a few small things to go along with it.