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Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
Dec 5th '12

It matters to me. I'm not attracted to men who are really heavy but I like a little pudge to them. I also not attracted to skinny men

This mom. 2 kids; Stockton, California 4908 posts
Dec 5th '12

I've been with a couple of guys who are a bit bigger, I found them attractive until I was with them intimately. Then while sex, it seemed as if his belly got in the way. No matter what position. It was awkward. :/ I'm not the smallest girl in the world. I have some "curves" but the guys I have always gotten along with in relationship length were either skinny, but fit (BD is slender, but has muscle. He's a second degree black belt) and the guy before that was bulky but very muscular. And I also thought tht was an extreme turn on. So them being fit is a must for me, which makes me a hypocrite because I hate the gym. Lol

P Pickle Pants 98 kids; California 20532 posts
Dec 5th '12

First meeting? I can go for thin, muscly, or slightly "thick", but not FAT. Umm, no!

Weight gain after getting together? As long as he's healthy and can keep up in daily life, I'm fine.

Luckily, my DH loves being super fit---freaking study!

AndreaDanae 1 child; Port Washington, Ohio 273 posts
Dec 5th '12

I prefer a man with some weight. Dont really like overly muscular men. Im a big girl so I dont like feeling fatter than my man lol

JohnSilverSmith TTC since Dec 2011; 3 kids; Groton, Connecticut 465 posts
Dec 6th '12
Quoting Ellie Shikari:" And I don't mean his junk. If someone was overweight, would that make them any more or less attractive to you? Just curious. "

Only if they were living an unhealthy lifestyle. Like drinking gravy. Stuff like that. I actually like a woman with some junk in her trunk.